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Behind the scene

Vivid Savitri

Vivid N. Savitri

Vivid has accumulated more than ten years experience in the design industry that stretch from the far east of China to the west coast of California. Before homefyndr, Vivid was an Associate Creative Director in frog's Munich studio where she honed her design experience beyond video games industry. Prior to frog, she sold her startup to Trigger, a digital design studio headquartered in Los Angeles, and led the growth and expansion of their Shanghai studio as VP and Creative Director. Vivid is also an avid traveller, a (recovered) game addict and an adrenaline junkie. To date, Vivid has travelled extensively to 46 countries, and has lived in at least nine of them. When she’s not playing video games, she's always keen to chat about her passion in design, quantum entanglements and singularity.

Erika Degoute

Erika Degoute

Before homefyndr, Erika had a brief stint working for Apple in Sydney. Prior to that experience, Erika has had more than three years under her belt in real estate industry working as Online Marketing Manager for CorporateStays, a housing company headquartered in Montreal, Canada. But it didn't take long for her travel bug to kicked in, and she decided to move halfway across the globe to New Zealand where she worked as a Freelance Marketer. She's currently settling in Downunda. Erika loves photography and all things geeky, passionate about Wing Chun kung fu, and cares a lot about her environmental footprint.

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